Creative Mention: Dan “Chizi” Aceda

MCSK used a platform called Vericast to log the frequency at which each song is played. Payment of royalties is commensurate with the pings of song on the platform. This is the data that Dan Aceda, a.k.a The Crown Prince of Benga, got access to, and decided to crunch to see if it reflects some notions held about the music scene.

June Gachui To Deliver Twenty Years of Live Performances and Experiences In a Studio Album

A June Gachui concert is an experience in itself. It is great that we listed it as one of the cultural offerings  you need to experience for you to claim you experienced Nairobi.

June has been performer for close to 20 years now. And she feels she’s found a distinct sound that is distinctly her, and she refers to it as Nyummy music. This is the sound she has distilled her experiences through to produce a studio album aptly titled Twenty Years .

June promises a performance to remember, a mixture of art forms. Going by her usual performances, one can form a rough outline of what to expect. She has lined up an impressive list of accompanying acts, including Blinky Bill, a supremely talented artist on his own right(He also made it to our list), Eddie Grey, who has severally performed alongside her on several occasions and The Flower Project, an all girl band.

The launch takes place on the 30th of this month at the Kenya National Theatre.

Creative Businesses Focused Heva Fund is Taking Applications for Its Next Investment Cycle

This the second of its bi-annual investment activity. It is usually slotted for September, the first one being in March.

The fund focuses on creative businesses in crafts and handmade items, commercial photography, interior, and fashion apparel design, where a big part of their previous investment has gone into. Successful applicants get up Ksh.1 million for first time applicants, and up to Ksh. 10 million in subsequent cycles.

Being a growth fund, they require business to have been running for at least a year; financial records for the previous year, and being Kenyan based,  are some of the  prerequisites for potential applicants. Click here to apply.