For bringing fans to his music,  instead of the other way round.

When Octo broke through, he really blew up. It seemed instantaneous. He was suddenly everywhere.  Everyone wanted a piece of him. He could get booked for up to three interviews in a day. Some conspiratorial minds even attributed his success to dark forces. However, what people were seeing all of a sudden was a result of relentless pushing against walls, going round walls, lots of  sweat, and using rejection as motivation to keep pushing.

When he first recorded music, radio stations turned down his requests to play it. He got creative, and decided to explore the possibilities of the internet. He made his music available through his website, a sort of one man radio station, Octopizzo fm. He also leveraged social media a lot, initially posting relentlessly on Facebook. His tactics brought the early adopters to his music, the early adopters took it mainstream.

Octopizzo already had a sizable following on social media before your favourite radio show allowed any number nane lyric through its speakers. Sizable enough to afford him deals with reputable brands like Coca Cola.

“When I first took Octo to Coca Cola, they didn’t know who he was. They had never heard of him. But when they saw the level of his online engagement, they said we want this guy,” music, arts, culture all rounder Buddha Blaze, said during a public talk at the iHub  on how musicians can leverage technology.

Octopizzo not only made his music available, he also sold his merchandise  through the site.  Basically, he sold a lifestyle to young people.  It didn’t take long for fans to start calling radio stations to request for Octo’s songs, and then, he was everywhere because he came with a whole fan force.



Facebook: Octopizzo

Instagram: octopizzo

YouTube: OctopizzoTV


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