Lenovo joined the nostalgia bandwagon with the re-introduction ,into Kenya, of their Motorola brand. Moto Z, and Z plus. Lenovo acquired the Motorola from Google sometimes back.
King’ori Gitahi , East Africa Lenovo Product Manager,  says the Premium handsets provide great features at a lower price compared to competitors. However, price will most likely rank lower in terms of  the phones’ selling points.
Moto Mod
Motorola introduces the modular concept to phones with Z and Z play. Much like you’d buy a modular home that fits your preferences, you can accessorize your phone to give a feature you prefer priority over the rest. This works with regards to the camera, sound and an enterprise option.
For photography buffs, Motorola partnered with Hasselblad to build a 10x zoom lens mod that adds stability to a 13MP camera. The front facing camera has 5MP. It also has a xenon flash, and camera RAW settings.  JBL comes on board with their SoundBoost speakers for the sound mod. The projector mod allows for up to 70 inch visual projection. A battery pack in the form of TurboPower Mod. which can retain up to 8hrs of battery life from 15 minutes of charging is also part of this.
The Hasselblad mod grants owners access to Hasselblad Phocus software using their IMEI number to log in into the Hasselblad site.
The two phones factor sensor use. Like switching your flashlight on and off by shaking your phone twice. Same experience applies to switching back and front cameras.
Its smartness extends to voice and text recognition. It can read texts to you instead of you reaching out to the gadget. It can also do the texting. The camera can also read barcodes, QR codes and business cards.
The moto mod provides for a developer platform, and Lenovo says they are open to great ideas form the developer community.

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