Last year, Uber Kenya partnered with Corporate Helicopters for an online marketing blitz. They organized a competition on social media  whose winners would get chopper rides over Kenya’s  two main cities. In Mombasa, riders would get a 20 minutes flight over the coastline. Nairobi based Uber riders got a 20 minutes flight over the Rift Valley. The engagement was wonderful, including a satirical trending topic on twitter.  

However, this was a surprise marketing campaign, not a product launch. This however, seems to have eluded a number of UberCHOPPER enthusiasts. A number of search terms hits on this blog point to a number of people inquiring about the service. And they seem pointed, and specific. A sign of someone who has made up their mind and are figuring out whether one of their options is available. The cost of UberCHOPPER from Nairobi to Mombasa appears several times, from Nairobi to Ngobit (just google that, I had to), or just a general rates queries.

This assumption of there being an UberCHOPPER service in Nairobi could be attributed to its existence in other cities.. Like a luxury helicopter ride in Dubai. Still, as much as other helicopter instances require paying options, the rates when compared to the occasions, show that it is still a marketing event. The paying sessions are mostly centred around high profile events like CES, where tech executives could get helicopter rides to the venue for $100 this year, Cannes, Sundance and Coachella.

Copy of the competition held last year stated that there could be more such opportunities. However, there aren’t any plans for an UberCHOPPER service in Kenya. If you are keen on an UberCHOPPER ride, maybe you just wait for another surprise campaign again. You might be lucky, and it could be free!

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