For Turning The “A-Z” of Investments Into A Much, Much “Easier A-B”

Abacus has two goals; making it easy for people to understand how money works, and making the process of investing in the stock exchange simple. To that end, they have  three strengths; access, simplified knowledge and speed.

Through its position as an NSE certified data vendor, the company, through an interactive technology platform, currently an android app, grants investors access to stocks, bonds, unit trusts, foreign currency and other additional assets.

All this information is so simplified that someone who has never experienced the securities exchange can be able to learn how it works and make investments within a very short time, as short as ten minutes. Their data not only provides the know how but also grants investors the ability to ensure decisions made and executed are not only fast, but also informed.

To the end of simplifying money, the company recently launched Abacus Money Academy whose main aim, in addition to the original aims of the company, is to make people make investments more confidently. The academy is built around what Abacus has already been able to build on the technology side.

In addition to this, the company also runs a platform that aggregates financial news from across region.


image: participants of Abacus Money Academy’s inaugural, taken during a session.


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