For Opting to Be Different, and For Turning  a Group of Friends Into a Highly Efficient  Team 

Mobidev came out of a class at mlab. At the end of the course, the participants decided to incorporate a company. They ended self-filtering till a core team of five remained. Out of that, they built a software consultancy service, opting to play a game different from the mobile based startup craze that was around when they were setting up (only similar thing  being they focused on building mobile based solutions in the consultancy).  It has grown to have roster of some impressive companies, including government parastatals,  as clients

The company consists of friends, some of them met in college, some before. They developed a camaraderie from early on that not only informed their synergy but also formed the basis of the professionalism in which the company is run, which is not that common among friends. In a rare step, and a demonstration of a high level of self awareness, the team members allocated roles and responsibilities from early on based on each member’s strength and not necessarily based on what one wanted to do.

They later on diversified setting up semi-independent startups like Totohealth, and have recently made a foray into the IoT space .

How they keep it edgy

Dehactory; a “what if” session where team member share code or system, ideas or problem that tech can address. If what is shared is viable,  they put in resources. That is how Totohealth and  the new IOT project came about.

Featured Image: Leo Korir, CEO of Mobidev makes a point during the DevCraft, a developers conference organised by the iHub in September.



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