UAV enthusiasts have reason to smile. The next notice directed at them from the government will contain good news-an okay to let their propellers free.
The last notice about drones from the country’s aviation regulation authority was a cease and desist order to any person or organization that had been flying UAVs in the country’s airspace, and a directive to seek clearance from the Department of Defence if they wished to do so. The last bit is synonymous to telling people to “forget about it”.
However, the tone seemed to change slightly for the better last year. KCAA published regulations for the operations of UAVs in the country and submitted them to the National Security Advisory Committee . In the meantime, a sign prohibiting the importation of drones went up at the country’s major airport, JKIA, and KRA, reportedly, also started confiscating drones that were being imported.
Now, the top security organs in the country have okayed the regulations and gazette legal notice to this effect will be published soon. The Business Daily quotes the  Kenya Civil Aviation Authority Director General Gilbert Kibe saying  that the policy regulations for remotely piloted aircrafts were approved last week on Monday. The agency  is now waiting for a notification from the meeting to be received for it to publish a gazette legal notice and an Aeronautical Information Circular. After gazettement, you can dust the propellers.
The proposed regulations the agency had submitted included the restriction of drones to 400 feet and less, registering in clubs registered by the agency  and getting minimum third party insurance.
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