From Nairobi to Johannesburg and Back, in 18 Days

This Nairobi based company has an interesting outdoors culture; expeditions are, sort of, part of the JD.

BRCK is a Nairobi based tech. company whose mission is to connect people and things in areas with poor infrastructure to the internet. Some of their products include the BRCK,  a rugged, wireless, self powered mobile WiFi device,  and the Kio Kit , which is brings a digital learning experiences into classrooms. With the Kio Kit, they aim to provide children in emerging markets access to digital educational tools.

All these products are designed and prototyped at their “worthy a second glance” offices in Nairobi, Kenya.  That is not where the interestingness of this company ends; they have an “at least one expedition a year policy”. Given the places they expect their products to have impact, these expeditions, which serve as product testing sessions and opportunities  to interact with users, provide for some of the most adventurous travels; in the league of what adventurers solely devoted to exploring usually get down to.

In 2014, part of the team made an 18 day, three bikes, one Land Rover Defender trip from Nairobi to Johannesburg and back. Along the way, they  managed  to test the BRCK in different countries under different network operators , interact with tech communities in countries like Tanzania, Malawi and South Africa and shoot some interesting footage from the road. They sought suitable camping spots where dusk found them. The video above is much an adventure as it is a vista to the beauty of various East, Central and Southern African countries.

Before the trip down South, they had undertaken an audacious trip up Kenya’s  north, to be able to view an eclipse from Lake Turkana. They have also been to the Nile and also took  another trip to the Northern part of the country towards the end of last year to test Kio Kit, which they had just launched. The latest adventure by a part of the team is a trip they took up Kenya’s highest mountain, which you can read about here.

It is a group worth following on Vimeo to see what their latest adrenaline filled work trip would be.

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