Metta is a platform for entrepreneurs. It’s based on three pillars ;

1. Community ; is Key

Metta means taking active interest in people.  First members only Metta space opened last year in May in Hong Kong . The Kenya one is the second in a series of planned club houses across the globe.

To become a member, you have to be an entrepreneur, or someone who is actively involved in, and adds value to, the entrepreneurship scene ; investors, funders, government bodies, corporates,  media or mentors.

There are four types of membership; Individual Membership, Business Membership, Curator Membership and Corporate Membership.  Membership is by invitation only. New members gain access through the referral of an existing member.  One may also express their interest for membership to the Metta team.

2. Content

Beyond the value available through the networks created out of the membership, content includes live events; close to 30 a month, ranging from 2-5 people closed door sessions to a bigger What’sNext type of things, bootcamps, masterclasses, and fun based  stuff like cocktails. Members can see what’s valuable, relevant, what they can use for networking.

(After What’s Next Fashion, Metta settled on a Fashion Product Lab as way of engaging the community beyond the event. Seen on the right are participants during a session at Metta.)

3. Club House

The physical space that the global entrepreneurial community can call home.  As a member, you can access the space or the community anywhere globally where there is a Metta presence. You can tailor it to meet your needs, which can be as varied as the members; someone you can grab two or three meetings while you are in Nairobi,  a place to grab a drink on a Friday evening or somewhere you can seek help with your digital strategy,  legal aspects of their business, or understanding terms sheets.A whole bouquet of things that cater for entrepreneurs at different stages and broken down to sectors( could also have sector agnostic), and membership type;  all meant to bring the entire ecosystem together.

Metta Connect

Is a virtual platform linking members to each other through which they can push notifications. The platform works more to realise the global element of the community. The idea is to link citizen ecosystems, whether that’s what’s being built here in terms of innovations, or/and,  livestreaming some of the events in Nairobi to either members in Hong Kong or in other places where Metta  has a presence.


Metta features a tastefully furnished bar promising all round fresh gourmet coffee and your favourite tipple. The dimly and tastefully lit and furnished space and leather sofas create a good ambience for that whisky double as you ruminate on your week on a Friday evening.   It will be under the stewardship of  Ki.chen, who have partnered with Metta to create a culinary experience that reflects both their communities and ethos.

Not Just Targeted At Tech Entrepreneurs

It is meant to  engage with
  1.   the tech ecosystem, and
  2.   not just the tech ecosystem, and not just in Kenya. For instance,  if   corporates want to see what is out there in terms of cutting edge technologies, Metta is  able to facilitate trips wherever they want to take  their senior management for inspiration or insight or even to also share  what is happening here.
Or ,
having a thought leader here going across to learn what is happening there and to share as well. Recently, they had Eddie Ndichu, Head Digital Financial Services & Mobile Payments at KCB Bank Group, going to  Metta Hong Kong to talk about mobile money in East Africa. That gives people a better context of what is happening here and as well as opportunities out there.

Built To Discourage Lengthy Stay

Nairobi tech spaces have been skewed towards the coworking concept. Metta is not. And, that is reflected in the architecture of the club  house.  The furnishing and fittings are built to intentionally discourage using the space as an office.
However, how a member puts the platform to use, and what a member reaps from it is very much dependent on personal initiative.

Why 14 Riverside?

Nest VC works with the Tile and Carpet family, which has a significant interest in property, including the space that Metta occupies. They are  keen on supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs.  It is the same thing with Hong Kong, where Metta has a space in one of the buildings owned by one of the billionaires in Hong Kong. They also want to be very much plugged into how technology is affecting the industries they are in. The collaboration is their way of plugging into the startup scene.
Other interesting companies also call the address home.

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