Facebook To Integrate Mobile Money

If you follow Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook, I am sure you well know that he is in Kenya. 

So far, other than having lunch with the ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru at Mama Oliech Restaurant, he announced that Facebook will integrate mobile money to all activities on the platform.

Roundtable With Entrepreneurs

He then proceeded to the iHub where he interacted with some entrepreneurs including Wandia Gichuru of Vivo Activewear.

Gearbox Tour

He then toured the Gearbox, an open space for hardware design and prototyping. The first of its kind in Africa. We did a profile of the space here.


Some of the hardware companies he interacted with include PayGo, who have a developed a smart metre to enable clients buy gas on demand, i.e pay for the gas you can afford or need at a particular time.

Strauss Energy

The other one was Strauss Energy, who have developed solar roofing tiles, as an alternative to the usual ones.

Kio Kit

He also visited BRCK, where he interacted with the Kio Kit.

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  1. Mukelo Amos says: Reply

    A lot of thanks to mark for what he has done for the world kenya z a place ,feel at home Jahbless

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